Custom adaptive form template & i18n

daniel_henriqu1 11-04-2016

Hi, all.

When I follow this guide, I end up with a dictionary created under /content/forms/af/myForm/jcr:content/assets.

But, if I have a custom form template under /apps/myApp/fd/af/templates/myFormTemplate, how can I add a base dictionary to it instead of adding a different dictionary to every form created from this template?

Is that possible?

If it's not, what would be the most elegant solution for the problem of reusing the same dictionary entries between forms of a specific template?




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Sakshi1 11-04-2016

Hi Daniel,

As template is just a starting point for form, which gives a proposed layout, theme for form. Template in no way, is capable of predicting the actual fields / labels / tab titles of the form. Hence the dictionary is kept with actual form, which has the sole governing power over its fields, their labels, tab / wizard/ accordion titles (which actually need to be localized)