CRX path to use in DDX?



When doing DDX, what is the path to use to pull a PDF or XDP file from the CRX repository?

I know the path to use if the file is in a folder on the server.

If I load a PDF or XDP via the AEM Forms UI under Assets, what path do I use to retrieve it via the DDX?

<DDX xmlns="">
<PDF result="result">
<XDP source="file:////adobe/xdps/eForms/EMED-48-07-TEST.xdp"/>
<PDF source="file:////adobe/DocumentStorage/eforms_static/dev/45098.pdf"/>

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ekehiu,

Currently, DDX does not directly support specifying CRX paths in source attributes to pull files from repository. However, you can put an arbitrary string in source attribute and specify a document object [1] in the input map against that key. Document objects can be constructed using CRX node paths and hence, can solve your purpose.