Creating multifield from Adaptive form textbox




I have a requirement to have a textbox in which the user can enter more than one value. 

Example: Something like "Hobbies" where the user can enter more than one hobby in the text box. If the user wants to add a new hobby, then he//she should be able to click on a + sign to get another text box just below the current one (something like a multifield textfield in dialogs).

Is it possible using Adaptive forms? Also, how will the values be stored in the repository?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Can you please try using a repeatable panel with max occurrences set to some high value. That panel should contain your field. 

If you use accordion layout for the panel, you would get '+'  button  by default.

So the node structure would be a panel having one children.

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