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Could you please kick off a Reddit style AMA with the supervisor/project manager of these forums?


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I have a number of complaints, suggestions, and I want to discuss it with him, in hope of converting this forum to a pleasant place that satisfies high expectations of developers (like me) when they want to ask questions or contribute to this site.

Excuse my sharp tongue, but this forum is a concrete instance of the "lipsticking a big" expression.

I mean how many bugs (some fixed now) I have encountered in the past couple of months is just atrocious:

  • Slow sign in process. Situation is better now, but still there's plenty room to improve performance. Y Slow gave the page submission page an F grade.
  • Some posts end with error and cannot be submitted. For example if the title has jsp (e.g. Does foo.jsp can be used for bar or baz?)
    • A related bug: assets with unconventiional file names cannot be uploaded to the DAM: "Screenshot Mon, 12 July @ 22:01:01", or "Wallpaper [1200x1200]"
  • Not for developers: where's Markdown support? StackOverflow supports it, Discourse supports it, GitHub supports it and without support of Markdown (at least optional), embedding code and other types of text is just painful
  • Unanswered questions. Our organization is paying millions of dollars for their CQ installation, and every now and then questions are left unanswered here. This in turn could make us lose tons of money

FFS, why not just you Discourse or monitor StackOverflow constantly for keywords like CQ, AEM, Sling, etc. and post answers there as well?

Could you please hold a Reddit-style AMA here so that we can share or complaints and suggestions?


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