Control Instance of a text field on the master page

Ajay_Yada 15-09-2016

I have a text field on the master page that reads "Please see reverse of the document". I would like this field to be visible on all the pages except the last one. How do I control it from not getting displayed on the last page of the document? Document can be of 3 pages, 5 pages or 10 pages depending on the data that comes from the external java application. Any help is appreciated. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

MorisTM 22-09-2016

Look at the custom object "Master page n of m"

Maybe add something like

if (this.parent.index + 1== this.parent.all.length) {
    Please_see_reverse_of_the_document.presence = "visible";
} else {
    Please_see_reverse_of_the_document.presence = "hidden";

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