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I'm a new user and I'm wondering if it's possible to have some "conditional" Layout.


I have a form, divided into several section (subforms)

Each "line" may contain 2 or 3 fields (depend on the information requested)

This layout allow to make the form shorter but all is a bit squeezed. It's ok for most of the people, but a bit inaccessible for some.

I'd like to have an "option" (Checkbox for exemple) that change the layout to a 1 field by "line"


My idea was to give instruction to each field "If checkbox is checked, have a width of XXX (full width) and a reserve of XXX", (Forcing the next field to go under it)


If checkbox is unchecked, "have a width of XXX and a reserve of XXX" (Allowing the next field to place itself on the right)


I know it's something possible in a webpage but I have no idea if it is on AEM designer and how to do it.


If you have any idea, it will be helpfull


Thank you.

AEM 6.3 conditions Layout

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Why would you like to give end user the privileges to change layout on the fly? I assume you are creating PDF?


A possible solution can be to have 2 subform, one with 1 field in single line and other with 3 fields in single line. Show these sub-form based on the checkbox selection.