Combine LiveCycle user store with OSGi user store



We have AEM Forms 6.2 installed. When accessing URL <server><port>/adminui, we use "Administrator", but when invoking <server><port>/lc, we have to use "admin". How can we combine or synchronize the two and configure them pointing to an LDAP server such that we can use the same administrator user ID for both?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Change the sdk settings from <server><port>/lc/system/console/bundles .To change this follow the below steps:

  • Access <server><port>/lc/system/console/bundles.Login with admin
  • Click on OSGI-->Configuration--> Adobe Livecycle SDK Client Configuration.
  • Change the server URL to <ip>:<port> and username to administrator .
  • Save the settings and restart the server.

Now lc  and adminui both can be accessed with administrator userid.

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