Clear and refresh Adaptive table with fresh data



Hi All,

I'm using Adaptive table to display open tickets and also provided 2 buttons "Open" and "Resolved" to show respective tickets.

Now on load of the panel, by default showing the open tickets and when user clicks on "Resolved" button i need to fetch the records from RESTFul service and display the records in the same table.

Now the issue is I'm not able to remove the records from the previous request. Basically i need to reset the table after making new RESTFul service and dynamically load the data. Bit apprehensive why this should be so difficult in Adaptive Forms. I tried below 2 approaches but didn't work.

1. table1585577511230.resetData();

This only cleared the rows and continue to see the dummy records. When i switch back between "Open" and "Resolved" button the rows are getting appended with blank data.

while (table1585577511230._Row1.count > 1)

This is not clearing/removing the blank records.


I could consider using 2 different tables, one for Open tickets and other is for Resolved tickets, but when User updates the Status of one of the Open ticket to  "Closed" again i need to refresh the data in Resolved table and i may see similar issue with blank records.






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