Changing clustering from Shared Journal to Shared Nothing, Possible?



We are looking to cluster our CQ5.3 Author instance. By default this comes configured to cluster with the Journal Shared. We have recently upgraded the CRX to 2.2 which allows for Shared Nothing clustering. I have had a look into this and there doesn't appear to be a way to "switch" the type of clustering easily. I tried removing clustering altogether on a test instance, by removing the Cluster entry in the repository.xml, and this just ends up corrupting the instance. It seems you have to have clustering running for CQ just to work correctly.

It seems that CQ has to built with new type of clustering from scratch, ie CQ5.4+. Is there a way around this?

We do intend in the future to upgrade to CQ5.6 so may have to add this to part of the migration.

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