Bulk Upload PDF Forms to AEM Repository



We recently began using Adobe LiveCycle and Adobe Experience Manager. We're not using AEM for our web site, however. We're just wanting to use the Forms Portal portion of it to allow us to organize our forms, tag them, etc, then provide a searchable interface.

We have several hundred pre-AEM/LiveCycle PDF forms. Rather than manually uploading one PDF file at a time, we would like to do a bulk upload into the repository.

If I remember correctly, I saw someone do this using CRXDE Lite, navigating to /content/dam/formsanddocuments, then dragging the documents in. However, when I try that, it just opens up Acrobat Reader to display the PDF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




AEM Forms supports zip file upload which can contain hierarchy of folders and files (PDFs, XDPs, Images etc). So you can simply create a zip of all PDF files on the disk and upload the zip file.