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AEM 6.2 Forms with latest patch.

I have a form with two sub form fragments where I have set the "Bind Reference" property on the fragment's input fields. The problem I'm seeing is that the only items that are being bound are the parent panels that do not have a Bind Reference property.  On another project(AEM 6.1), the input fields would be added to the JSON model in the guide bride so that I could discover the bind reference for the control's Id. What could I be doing wrong that the JSON model is not containing the binding for the controls on the page?

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Hi Robert,

In case of lazy loading, only the model of the currently loaded panel is available. So you can access the json model properties of only the currently loaded panel. Can you specify the use case you are targeting ? 



I'm also noticing that if you lazily load the fragments, that the JSON model doesn't get updated with the content or the newly loaded panels. If we are going to rely on the binding and the guideBride API for managing pages, it seems this needs to be corrected.