Best Approach for the AEM Forms Application



We are developing new application (Account Opening App) with AEM forms and this our first App using AEM forms.  Our page will have site components and the form. As I understand we have two options

Option 1 : Develop the AEM Sites page and embed the form.

Option 2: Develop AEM forms and add parsys component to add the site components.

Which one is the best approach? I am leaning towards Option 1. Looking for your comments.

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi chandran85965395

Option 1 - Site pages and embed the forms.

AEM sites has a component to embed adaptive forms which reinforces that is the way to go. Also, it will keep your forms just for the purpose of collecting information from the user.

Another thing worth noting - If you only need to capture user data, you may not need a site page at all. You could just use a forms page with form headers and footers. It depends on your requirements if this is an option