Batch processing in AEM

GPhillips58 15-08-2017

I am looking to see if we can do batch processing (printing and file) of forms using Output.  In any given batch we can have multiple envelopes with multiple forms in each envelope.  AEM 6.2 Forms Help | Output Service mentions the generatePDFOutputBatch and generatePrintedOutputBatch operations of the Output service but I do not see those operations in Workbench services or in the wsdl.  The methods that I do see all take a single form as one of the input parameters?  Am I missing something or is the documentation wrong?  Is there a way to process multiple forms in a batch into a single pdf or print file?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

GPhillips58 05-09-2017

So, the documentation is incorrect (something I am finding a lot of with AEM), generatePDFOutputBatch and generatePrintedOutputBatch do not exist as operations of the Output service.  Any batch processing has to be custom built.

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Answers (6)


When you send a file to watch folder this calls a workflow. You should check the payload i.e input XML for the value and have two different path for the output service to process the data. These paths would have different xdp and can be merged with XML to process the final results. Consider it like if-else .

SK007 26-07-2019

for example,

if i have customer a, customer b, with records such as name, phone, email etc for both.

i have developed 2 forms. if rule 1 matches then form1 should be picked up and if rule 1 doesnt match then form2 should be picked up.

my assumption is xml can be run automatically thru watch folders and once xml is picked up ,

i will have to get 2 pdf outputs, 1 with custa (in form1 since it matched rule1) and 2nd pdf with custb (form2 since rule 1 didnt match)

is this possible ?

Question 2, if this is possible, then i believe we will be able to send the pdfs to customer as mail or prints.

SK007 26-07-2019

yes thats correct.

i have one/multiple large xml with multiple records of multiple customers.

so when i execute the xml file, respective templates should be selected and need to get pdf files for all the customers where the rules matches.

SK007 25-07-2019


1) is on demand batch processing available in AEM Forms ?

For example , if i have a input file with 1000s of input entires and i need to generate pdf ouputs with multiple envelops & forms vice versa.