Backward compatibility between AEM forms OSGi 6.1 and AEM forms OSGi Feature Pack 1

anilkum 03-01-2016


We developed some forms in AEM forms OSGi 6.1. We subsequently upgraded to AEM forms OSGi 6.1 Feature pack 1. However we found that we are unable to continue developing and editing as before. For example:

We had used the button component. The edit button dialog has a tab called Script. In AEM forms Feature pack 1 there is a rule editor which has been introduced which now shows in the "Script" tab. The earlier configurations present in the "Script" tab are no longer available and there doesnt seem to a way to do the same in rule editor.

Has anyone faced this issue?? Any suggestions or workaround?



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Both of the releases are compatiable to each other.  There is a more easy way to write expressions that has come up with 6.1 FP1 . Rule editor is the new way to write expression with. 

Please have a look at