auto-save not retrieving data when refresh in aem forms 6.2




I had a form and it needs to automatically save its data after a given interval of time and retrieve it when user refresh the page. For that, I use `autosave` functionality of AEM Forms.

What I had done till now

According to Adobe doc:

  •  I had created a form
  • Enable autosave option in form container
  • Specify 1 or TRUE in Adaptive Form Event
  • Enable Autosave for anonymous users. For that, changed configuration in  felix  console, edit  Forms Common Configuration Service to All Users
  • Save these settings

The form is data and metadata is saved in /content/forms/fp/admin/drafts hierarchy.

Two nodes in drafts describes:

  • data : it has data in xml format.
  • metadata : it has metadata associated with the node.


when I refresh the page, the from is not retrieving the saved value. Do I had missed something?

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




If the data and metadata are being stored in the drafts node, then the auto save functionality is configured correctly. You're refreshing the adaptive form window that has the adaptive form url, but this url is only for the form and does not contain any information about how to prefill the form. It wont open a form with the saved values. To open a saved form (i.e. draft), normal refresh won't work. You will have to open the draft from the location where the drafts/submissions on your system are stored. By default, the location for drafts/submissions is -  http://<Server Name>:<Port No>/content/geometrixx-gov/en/applications/myforms.html .

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Answers (1)




The saved forms are listed in a different location, http://<Server Name>:<Port No>/content/geometrixx-gov/en/applications/myforms.html

Hope this helps you with your query.