Auto Save in AEM adaptive forms not working.




I am trying to configure AEM adaptive forms for Autosave functionality as per the document. But I am facing an issue with it. I configure it correctly for time based autosave but still its not working. The data is not being stored automatically but if I click on the save button at the bottom of the form it gets saved.

Any idea if it is a product bug or if I am missing something ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Old question, but I had a similar problem. I tried putting a value of "elementValueChanged" as the event but that didn't work. I worked around this with the following client library on my form:

window.addEventListener("bridgeInitializeStart", function (evnt) {

  // get hold of the guideBridge object
  var gb = evnt.detail.guideBridge;

  //wait for the completion of adaptive forms
  gb.connect(function () {

  //this function will be called after adaptive form is initialized

  gb.on("elementValueChanged", function (event, data) {

  // When a field is changed - save




Although this works as I would like, I would be interested to know why an event of "elementValueChanged" didn't work. Does anyone have an example of autosave without a client library using an event?