allowedPaths property on Adaptive forms templates.



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In the recent release notes it was mentioned that allowedPaths property will be supported on adaptive forms templates but when i add this property on the editable base af template(/conf/{project name}/settings/wcm/template-types/baseaf/initial/.content.xml) it's not working. Still i can see newly created editable template while creating experience-fragments and content pages. Also i have tried to add at the /conf/{project name}/settings/wcm/template-types/baseaf/.content.xml but not luck. Did anyone try this property on editable templates and how can we restrict editable templates only for forms (We are creating af, xf and page editable templates in single folder)?


AEM 6.4 Service Pack Release Notes

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Accepted Solutions (1)



allowedPaths is actually not currently implemented in the forms templates so it will be ignored regardless of where the user is in their forms folders.

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