AEMFD Signatures Bundle : Resolved



Hey all,

On installing the AEM-FORMS-6.3-WIN-4.0.74 package, AEMFD Signatures Bundle is  not getting activated it is in the resolved state. I have already tried including the sling properties given in this link AEM 6.0 Forms Help | Configuring Document Services + I have tried reinstalling the form package too + I even took the AEM instance from my colleague in which the Signature Bundle is activated but still its coming resolved on my laptop . This issue is coming for both the publish and author instance due to which on submitting the Adaptive forms (which is supposed to begin a workflow) I am getting Could not initialize class com.rsa.cryptoj.o.dl error.

Please suggest if something else can be tried.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Can you please check whether installation path of your AEM instance contains any spaces. Like if any folder name within the path of installation has spaces. If yes, rename the folder(s) to remove the spaces and restart the server. It should work.

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