AEM sites form functionalities vs AEM forms: licences

MarioRossiItali 26-07-2018

Hi all,

the question is quite simple (but I did not find a clear answer yet online):

If I have only the licence for "AEM sites 6.3", what "form" functionalities can I use in production without buying the "AEM forms" licence?

  1. the only ones that don't need the "Add-on feature / AEM forms package" (see screenshot - area 1)
  2. Nothing from this list (see screenshot - list 2)


If the right answer is 2, are there any alternatives to manage and customize forms (something like a multi-field that let me build a form from basic elements like input, button, textarea, selects, radio...)?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



The query has been asked previously also on the forums[1]. If you want to use forms and leverage it's capabilities in production you need to have the forms License. Without forms add-on, you will miss major of the forms designing functionalities.


Mayank Gandhi

[1] aem forms license and installation

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