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snbaem 23-06-2017

Hello All,

I am looking at a scenario where before publishing the AEM Forms to publishers, the authoring part of it has to go through some review process. Is it possible to use normal workflows to control the authoring before publishing? But I am looking for version creations, user alerts etc while the review process happens.

I came accross AEM Forms JEE Workflows,​ but it seems thats an add on to AEM (part of Live Cycle?. Adds up the LOE and training efforts I guess if resource is an AEM developer?) Please let me know any thoughts or suggestions on what might be good or any questions (since I am not sure I have much idea on AEM Forms).


Using AEM 6.2 SP1 FP2

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Accepted Solutions (1)

DarrenBiz 26-06-2017

Hi snbem - It sounds like you are after the Review process: AEM 6.2 Forms Help | Creating and managing reviews for assets in forms

Its not an official workflow as such so it doesnt directly route the form around but is more an informal review process where everyone can collaborate and provide feedback for the forms authors.

Note that there is not currently any way to lock a form while editing (like sites pages) and multiple authors can edit the same form at the same time, potentially ending up with undesired form contents. Just something you should be aware of.

I haven't tried to create the type of workflow you suggest using OSGi Workflows. I would be interested to hear from Adobe if this type of thing is actually possible because its a common use case we hear.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

DarrenBiz 25-06-2017

AEM Forms 6.3 allows you to have forms-centric workflows with adaptive forms. You could build a form review / approval workflow that publishes using these workflows. It also keeps the whole process on the Author instance. However, I am not sure if Forms publishing works the same way as Sites publishing in workflows - this would be for Adobe to confirm.

AEM 6.3 Forms Help | Forms-centric workflow on OSGi

Adobe Experience Manager Help | AEM 6.3 Forms: Form Workflow on OSGi

I would avoid the AEM Forms JEE workflows for form/publish approvals as it is not really what it is built for. You would need to create a new workflow per form as the CRX asset (adaptive form) has to be specified at workflow design time.

snbaem 28-06-2017

Thanks for the link, I sort of tried that while researching but the link has more details. Despite of that as you mentioned this seems more informal or provides lesser options than what I am seeking for. I am trying the OSGi workflow (POC level) but it seems with that approach also I need to find a way to save versions everytime the form is moved ahead in the flow.

snbaem 26-06-2017

I wasn't able to edit the initial question, so adding it here..

Just to make sure I am looking for the review process that happens internally within author.

For example: Dept A submits a form (With few fields etc..).

Dept B reviews it. If there are changes to be made, they assign it back to Dept A.

Dept A makes changes and submits it back.

Dept B moves this to Dept C.

At each step a version of form is saved and email notifications are sent to whoever is assigned. While all this happens in  Author, once the review is complete, the final version can be published to the publishers for users to download and apply for whatever the form is for.