AEM forms - when is it worth it?



I was just trying to understand about what would be a valid set of project requirements which would warrant investment in AEM forms?

If you just have a few forms to develop - does it make sense to go for AEM forms and not just use a custom solution using HTML / Js , etc to be able to do this?

I'm talking specifically about AEM forms OSGI and not the JEE one (JEE one has BPM features similar to Livecycle).

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Accepted Solutions (1)



If your whole requirement is only to have some simple HTML forms, capture some fields and have POST request handled by your webserver you will not need AEM Forms.


AEM Forms is interesting if you want to create and manage complex HTML or PDF forms with local business logic, data integrations with databases, services, external systems, have adaptive forms that adapt to your devices, generate document of record from these forms or create dynamic documents or interactive communications. The whole thing as a Feature pack to the Adobe Experience Manager with all its features and much more....

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