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I have to install a AEM Forms 6.2 at a RHEL 7 Linux machine. According to documentation ( section "Installing Acrobat for PDF Generator") Acrobat DC Pro has to be installed for the PDFGenerator. But as far as I can see this is not possible since Acrobat DC Pro is only available for Windows and Mac platforms. So my question is: does Acrobat DC Pro exit for Linux and if not what should I do with the PDFGenerator in an Linux environment in the context of AEM Forms 6.2?

Looking forward to your answer.

Regards, Fin Steenbjerg

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Acrobat DC is not available for Linux. On Linux, AEM Forms PDFG Generator uses native libraries and OpenOffice to convert supported formats to PDF documents. To configure AEM Forms PDFG on Linux, follow all the steps mentioned in the document except installing Acrobat DC. The step to install Acrobat DC is only for Microsoft Windows. Do follow the steps mentioned in Additional requirements for Linux and Solaris section of the document. PDF Generator would turn out just fine. Do let me know if you still face any issue or have any query.

Khushwant Singh

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