aem forms license and installation

ryanshaw1005 20-06-2017

Hi there,

i just download the AEM-FORMS-6.2-SP1-CFP3-WIN-3.2.88 for evaluation of this product, however i don't see any place to input license number(assuming the pack just need to be upload and installed in the CRX page).

my question is, whether i need license if we just do the technical evaluation(we need a quick demo to business in 1 week with some features).

if i need, how to input that (currently i dont have the license for the forms sp1 but have the license for the standard aem).

furthermore, if we need the trial license, how can we get it?

thanks a lot.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ryanshaw1005 22-06-2017

Hi Sharoon23,

i don't think the separate licence is not required.

Installing and configuring AEM 6.1 forms

The out-of-the box AEM Forms functionality included in AEM Quick start is for learning the capabilities of AEM Forms. An additional licence for AEM Forms is required to install AEM Forms add-on package.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

DarrenBiz 25-06-2017

You only need to purchase a license if you are installing the AEM Forms package in production. All development and test instances do not attract a license cost and are fully functional. So you are free to test out AEM Forms. The AEM Forms package itself does not require a separate license key as it is just a package installation into a licensed version of AEM.



You don't separate license for AEM Forms. If you have AEM license and it is up and running, you can just install the CRX package in the CRX package manager. For more details refer [1].

[1]:Installing and configuring AEM 6.1 forms


As Darren mentioned, you need to have Forms license to use Adaptive forms in production. The version shipped with the plain AEM is for learning purpose. It gives you a basic look and feel of Adaptive form.

DarrenBiz 06-02-2019

@adobeaspirant - no you cant. That version of forms that comes pre-installed with AEM Quickstart is a "prevew" version and is missing most of the required functionality for the form to work properly. We have actually had a few clients mistakenly think that they had adaptive forms and could do stuff with it because "we can build forms in the UI so it must work..."