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Hello All,

I am trying to use the "Store PDF" option available under

- Create adaptive form (test-form)

- Go to Classic UI

-On top, in front of "Start of an adaptive form", click "Edit"

- Click on "Submit actions" tab

-Select dropdown option "Store PDF" for Submit action

I see the Store Path as "/content/usergenerated/content/forms/af/test-form/*"

I activate the form and as a user click on 'Submit' button from Publish. I get the thank you message, but when I go to location /content/usergenerated/content/forms/af, I do not see any thing below that.

In logs I see this warning message, no error

*WARN* [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1500321294801] POST /content/forms/af/test-form/jcr:content/ HTTP/1.1] templateKey not found in merge json:submissionMetaInfo

Does any one have idea what might be wrong or where to look for saved pdf if it is?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi snbaem,

The Store PDF submit action is available as part of the AEM forms add-on package and applies only to XFA-based adaptive forms. In addition to storing the data on the node, the Store PDF submit action merges the form data with the XDP to generate and store a PDF at the configured store content path. If the form is configured to use Adobe Echosign for signing the PDF, the signed PDF is stored in the configured node as a child node.

For reference


Techaspect Solutions.

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Answers (5)



Thanks DarrenBiz, I will explore the option. (Currently I am not sure whether we can adopt the option, unless Forms designer is the only way)



Thanks for sharing the articles,

I looked into​ Here it seems there is a sample .XDP used to created  the adaptive form. How can that be generated?

If the forms are created in a tool such as Adobe Indesign, can we generate such XDP formats?

Same thing for article 1 (, I don't see any way in Adobe indesign to get an XML that can be uploaded to AEM forms. I was able to get an export to xml of the pdf form but I see error as below

XML Schema Validation Failure

So the basic question for me stays, how can we integrate forms created in Adobe Indesign into AEM Forms, so that they can be edited from there on?



@Techaspect Solutions

Thanks for the response. I have the add on package and was able to use the store pdf option. However was not aware that form needs to be XFA-based adaptive form. I checked briefly while replying here, do you have any idea how the XFA-based forms can be created within AEM/AEM  forms ?