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dolevoJay 03-09-2019


We have many XFA Forms in our company and now going to have AEM Forms soon. I have the following question. As far as I know, I can deploy the same XFA Forms as HTML Forms in AEM. Does this mean that AEM will give me a folder where I can find my HTML5 (with all JS in my XFA)+ CSS?

What is actually an adaptive form? Is it a combination of HTML5 and XFA?


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You can create your adaptive using your XFA form as well. As the name suggests they are adaptive and responsive. They can be rendered in mobile devices and desktop both. An adaptive form provides you capabilities for pre-fill, Analytics integration, a lot of out of the box components to work with and even adobe sign.

You can start from here in case you are starting with Adaptive form :

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Create your first adaptive form


You can render the xdp as HTML directly and the system has something called HTML profile that constructs the HTML equivalent of the Form and render it as HTML with JS and CSS.

AEM 6.0 Forms Help | Rendering form template for HTML5 forms

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Generate HTML5 preview of an XDP form

Adaptive forms are new-generation forms that are dynamic and responsive. You can use Adaptive forms to deliver personalized experiences. You can also integrate adaptive forms with Adobe Analytics for usage statistics and Adobe Campaign for campaign management.

AEM 6.0 Forms Help | Introduction to authoring adaptive forms


xfa forms can be rendered as html or pdf forms in AEM forms

there is no special folder for xfa forms generated as html

xfa forms rendered as html are meant to be consumed on iPad or laptop or desktop

they are not meant for consumption on mobile devices

adaptive forms are meant for mobile devices and above