AEM Forms: Capture Exception in process variable

manug6844664 24-09-2019

HI Techies,

We are using standard services like Foundation/FileUtilServices and similar services in our workbench process and want to assign error thrown by FileUtilException to process variable, so that we can pass it to output whenever process fails.

Can you help provide inputs how we can achieve it.

AEM 6.2

AEM Forms on JBOSS

Workbench 6.2


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manug6844664 26-09-2019

thanks Mayank, this we are already doing.

I want more details on specific error thrown from exception like if my PDF generation is failing with generatePDFOutput2 OutputException then is it XML input causing issue or XDP.

Or if I am doing XML validation against XSD then I should get which node is causing issue.

So more or less I am looking for Stacktrace assigned to output variable and see it directly rather than logging into server and look for server.log.

Hope you got my point which direction I am looking into.




Call a set value on exception event and write the type of exception in a custom variable. You can append more detail like timestamp as well, the error stack trace can be checked in server logs further based on the time captured. Whenever the exception will occur your process will generate the output string.