AEM Forms Blank template missing after upgrade from AEM 6.3 to AEM 6.4.6

prabudossh 22-01-2020


Previously in AEM 6.3, there used to be forms blank template which can be selected to create a form ( cq:template=/libs/fd/af/templates/blankTemplate2). Now i dont see this template anymore after upgrading to AEM In the upgraded version, we have to a first create a template from create template wizard and use it for form creation (cq:template=/conf/aarp/settings/wcm/templates/<custom template>)


Wanted to confirm if this is the case. We have all the forms created based on previous experience and now the authors are not able to do certain operations (move, copy etc) with the form. What are our options here? 

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You can migrate/upload the old template as is and run the migration utility shared by Abhishek earlier and that's an ideal way to go around it.


Hi @prabudossh 


The method has changed a little. Unless you have sample package that gives few template option here is what you have to do.


You need to create a folder using configuration browser which allows creation of Editable template and under this folder you need to create a blank template using template editor. 


Step 1:  Navigate to configuration browser




2> Create a new folder with Editable template, you can allow cloud configuration as well. No harm



3>  Navigate to template editor



4> You will see the folder you created




5> Create a new template and select Adaptive form template




6> And that's it. You're good to go!




abhishek4743 23-01-2020

cq:template=/libs/fd/af/templates/blankTemplate2 were used till AEM Forms 6.3 and they are older/static templates. Starting from AEM Forms 6.4, dynamic templates are now used. These are similar to AEM Sites templates. You can find details at the below article:


Also you require compatibility package for older templates. For details, see