AEM Forms behind reverse proxy (nginx / apache)




we are currently setting the new AEM Forms up in replacement for an old Livecycle server.

Currently our applications only use the soap api of livecycle which is available in AEM Forms too.

Anyway we have a "small" problem. AEM Forms is setup to only listen on localhost and an reverse proxy will pass requests from the network interface to the jboss instance on which AEM Forms is deployed.

The reverse proxy etc. works expect that in the soap wsdl response there is "localhost:8080" named as "OutputServiceSoapBinding".

We found some old docs which could solve the problem but AEM Forms looks like have other directory structure.

Probably somebody of you could tell us which setting and where we have to set to get the soap wsdl response right?

Additional informations:
AEM Form 6.2
Bundled Jboss

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I don't understand your comment that AEM Forms only listens on localhost.  If you're running on JBoss there should be no differences to the URLS.