AEM Forms - Adding a class to field error

James_R_Green 26-10-2018


I have to override the div for error message on my form fields. I can see that the div is appended in the guideruntime.js markError function.

To override this my thoughtw were to:

* use the guidebridge event listener for validation complete

* remove the ootb div

* Add my custom div

My div is added but it appears that validation complete is actually called before the error is added to the DOM.

* Is there another listener that could be used?

* Or another approach to achieve the same result in javascript



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

James_R_Green 01-11-2018

In the end I ended up adding a mutataion observer listening for changes on each field added via guidebridge visit.

When the OOTB error message is added, I remove it.

Then in the guidebridge on elementValidationStatusChanged listener I add/remove my custom div.

Not ideal, but it works.



Answers (6)

Answers (6)


Hi James,

I didn't replace the OOTB div but intercepted it using JS and updated the text inside.


var Children  = document.getElementById('guideContainer-rootPanel-panel1392575902787-guideradiobutton__').children;

Children[2].innerHTML='New Test error';

guideContainer-rootPanel-panel1392575902787-guideradiobutton__  is my radio group div id.


James_R_Green 13-11-2018

Unfortunately that will only change the text of the error. The html and styling of my errors messages are very particular . Different number of divs different classes etc