AEM Forms 6.5 previewArchive.jsp syntax error



I am trying to import archives (not applications) in Adminui but 6.5 has a bug in previewArchive.jsp.  When I click the preview button I get this error:

/previewArchive.jsp (JBWEB004251: An error occurred at line: 56 column: 99) JBWEB004197: Attribute value invalid for tag if according to TLD

This is the line being referenced:

<td><input type="checkbox" name="importComponents" value='<s:property value="name"/>' <s:if test="action" value="0">checked="true"</s:if>/></td>

That is clearly a syntax error, not a data error as there are no data items here.  I opened a ticket with Adobe but cannot convince the support person that it is a bug.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Adobe support refused to fix this on the basis that our use case for uploading archives (templates only, no application) is not supported.  We use the repository service(superseded) to upload and manage templates that are invoked through the formsservice.  As a result one of our developers (we don't have java devs) modified previewArchive.jsp enough to make it work with all the items checked.  We then found the ear file to add it to. 

I still say if they broke it then they should fix it.  If they truly believe there is no use case for it then they should remove it. 

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By any chance can you share the sample LCA with me? Or, share the ticket number?