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I have recently installed and configured AEM Forms 6.2 on JEE on a 2012 VM using the Turnkey solution, and have installed Workbench and Forms Designer on a separate 2008 VM. Through Workbench, I have successfully configured the connection to the Forms server and logged in. I have set up a TestForm, and when I open it in Workbench it launches the Forms Designer as expected. After adding a couple of fields to the form, I can preview in PDF and it renders properly. However, when I attempt to preview as HTML the screen is blank. When I view source  all that displays is the blank page:  <html><head></head><body></body></html>. Has anyone experienced this issue? 

On the Forms Server admin console, I have added IP of the 2008 server Workbench and Designer have been installed on to the Allowed Referrer whitelist and specified port value 0 to allow all ports. After which I restarted the server as directed

Based on an article I came across (, I logged in to configMgr (http://[server]:[port]/lc/system/console/configMgr) to configure the Apache Sling Authentication Service where:

  • I enabled anonymous access
  • added the following to the authentication requirements field:
  •     -/content/xfaforms
  •     -/etc/clientlibs

After another server restart, I logged into the Workbench/Designer machine and relaunched Workbench > opened the TestForm which launched the designer, previewed as PDF successfully > Attempted to preview as HTML with no luck. 

Has anyone come across this issue? Any tips/insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Turns out this is a very simple fix. You must specify 'http://' before the Server URL in Designer Server Options.


- Open designer

- Select Tools > Options > Server Options > Enter the correct server URL in the form http://[server] > OK to continue

- Create a form, add fields, preview as HTML

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