AEM FORMS 6.2 - Temp directory is filled with some really big files



Hi everyone,

we are running AEM Forms 6.2 on SUSE Linux servers and since a few days we have a problem with our temp directory that is growing over time until reaching 100% of the file system! (it takes only a few hours to fill almost 20Go!).

We can see that the problem comes from a few files that are located under the directories /tmp/adobews__1078587552/XMLFormService/pxxxxxx. These files are growing minutes after minutes and can reach many Go ! These files have no extension and are simply named with letters and numbers (Ex: A9ROvXW5JX).

Does someone know what these files are and how they are generated? Did someone already have this issue?



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What CFP version of 6.2 are you using? There have been a few fixes in the past where tmp files were not getting cleared in some cases but these have been fixed a while back.  @olivierb3253262 




This looks like the temporary caching for the Datamanager. Could it be that you have changed orchestrations or DSCs recently? Possibly an infinite loop in an orchestration temporarily building up content in process variables or building ever growing documents in document variables?