AEM Forms 6.2 JEE - linux - CRX DE displaying nothing under /

James_R_Green 10-10-2017


I have installed AM forms 6.2 JEE on linux, everything works fine - I can view projects, install projects etc. However /lc/crx/de shows no nodes under '/', depsite being logged in.

I can query the data using the search tool in crx/de and I can access package manager, but I don't see anything else under the root node. Is there a configuration setting missing for 6.2 JEE on linux, perhaps a privilege? I have used this on Windows without issue and linux osgi works as expected too.

Any ideas?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

James_R_Green 30-10-2017

I worked it out in the end. I had to change the osgi configuration for

Was set to /server changed to /crx/server

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Answers (4)