AEM Forms 6.2 JEE Installation on Linux - deployLiveCycleComponents LCA failure

James_R_Green 11-09-2017


I am on the final step of configuring AEM forms 6.2 jee on linux and I am getting some errors.

I am performing the following command:

./ deployLiveCycleComponents -f CLI_properties.txt

Originally I was getting errors regarding mysql max_allowed_packet setting which I resolved, the only errors remaining are for deploying the following lcas:







In the configurationManager log there is an error saying:

"com.adobe.idp.Document, DOCS001: Unexpected exception. While doing first time passivation for a document."

"Failed to connect to LiveCycle server via HTTP URL: http://localhost:8080/DocumentManager"

If I got to this URL it is not accessible error 500:

"The document pointing to the file "GDS/DocumentManager" could not be found. It may have expired, been removed prematurely, or subject to a network filesystem failure. Consider increasing the document disposal timeout if expiration seems likely."

Anyone seen this before? I think the system will be usable now, but would be good to get everything to deploy.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

James_R_Green 12-09-2017

I managed to rectify this problem myself by doing the following:

1) shutting down jboss

2) deleting my aemforms database

3) create new aemforms database

4) deleting my crx repository

5) restarting my jboss instance

6) re-running the initializeLiveCycle

7) re-running the deployLiveCycleComponents

This time it went through without error. Perhaps the first run on the deployLiveCycleComponents that failed changed something that it shouldn't have? Who knows.

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