AEM Forms 6.0 on JEE & LDAP sync




I'm a LiveCycle ES developer and new to AEM/AEM Forms and I have a problem:

After the installation of AEM Forms 6.0 on JEE, this installs an 'old' Livecycle installation on JBOSS and an AEM installation on the same JBOSS, I noticed these two (LC and AEM) are interconnected, wich is also as I expected.
After the installation I configured an LDAP connection on LC side. LC syncs all users and groups from the LDAP. 
On LC side, user details are retrieved from the LDAP and are visible in LC User managemen. But on AEM side, nothing is retrieved, all fields are empty.

My question now is how can I add one of these LDAP users to AEM user-groups, becuase when I want to edit such a user on AEM, the fields ID and Password are required.

Shouldn't these user details get retrieved from the LDAP as well, just like on LC side? Or does anybody have an idea on how to get these user details automatically filled out on AEM side?

I have some screenshots attached.


Thanks in advance


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