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Few questions here to understand more about AEM Forms that was difficult to find as a consolidated view on AEM forms technical view in this help page

1) How does AEM Forms / Adaptive forms manages form  data ?

1.1) Is this managed via reverse replication to author and replicated to other publish instances in case of more than 1 publish instance ?

2) When ever processing of data required 

2.1 ) is this managed via separate processing AEM instances that is connected to a live cycle instance  ?

2.2) Can we assume he also data is reverse replicated and then stays only with processing instance ?

2.3)What is the use case of this kind of AEM forms & Live cycle?

2.4) Why do we need a processing instance and why not continue with authoring instance alone

3) How does AEM forms manage from entry state in case of multi publish instance ?

4) What are the OOTB adaptive nature of AEM forms ? like device detection and content rendering - pdf vs html 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Too many Q's 🙂  I will try to answer them. In the mean while can you have a look at the  video series here -  

I hope some of your doubts would be cleared by this. Please get back with your doubts after watching this.

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