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AEM form CRUD Operations


Level 3

Hi Experts,

I am using AEM forms for storing some content in CRX (through Submit and Store Action). 

Now , I have to do certain operations like Edit or Delete the records within the form. I know AEM suggests to use bulk editor for same but requirement is to perform operations from AEM forms itself. 


Any idea ?

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Level 8

I'd need more detail before I can provide a definitive response.  To edit the content it would be fairly easy to re-render the record into the form and allow the user to make changes.  It would be much like the draft capability in the portal.  For deletion a "listing" UI would have to be created allowing for the selection of the records to be removed.



I agree, using Save and Submit Forms portal functionality should suffice your requirement



Also, in general, you should probably avoid Store Content action for production use because of the PII & Scalability concerns. Please use Form Portal Submit.

We have added few APIs to list the Portal Drafts & Submissions. I do not remember those has delete/edit API though. If not, you may have to use JCR or REST APIs for that.