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srikanthg212933 04-01-2020

Hi , We have requirement in our project (6.3)to create a form with fields like singline text, multiline text,selection, submit,reset and captcha along with email action(triggering email after submission). 

Currently we have AEM sites license. And I am able to create adaptive forms in my cq server with above fields without having form license.

Could anyone please let me know do I need separate form license in order to create form with above fields. 

And without the extra license can we acheive the above form requirement with core components or OOTB form components ?


Please share your thoughts on this. 

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The form container is meant to embed the Adaptive form in sites page. You should not use forms component if you do not have forms license. You can create custom component in AEM sites to achieve the use-case.


Hi There,


Yes, you need a forms license to use Adaptive form in production. The current form component that comes along with AEM site is for demo or learning purpose only.