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Hey all,

So in my AEM project I have adaptive forms in publish mode such that the user fill them up and on submitting a workflow is triggered with takes the approval of different groups step by step. What I want is to make such different groups each having different accesses and functionalities. Right now I am using admin for all the approvals. Can someone tell me how to go about it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi manism,

Creating user groups with different access in AEM is very easy process. But before creating user groups, you should create the users you want to add in the group.  Please follow below steps to do the same :

  • Go to http://localhost:7502/useradmin
  • On the top most toolbar of the left panel there will be a edit button, click on it; then choose create > create User. A pop up window will open up, fill the required details and click create. An user will be created with default permission.
  • To create a User Group follow the same steps as above, just select Create Group instead of create User.
  • Now search for the newly created Group in search window. Double clicking on it will open up the group details in right side window. Go to the permission tab, give the required permissions to group and click save.
  • Now go to the members tab and drag-drop the users you want to add in this group from left side panel. Click save
  • Whatever permissions you have given to group will be automatically assigned to it's members.

For more information please visit Managing Users and User Groups

Hope it's useful !!!

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