AEM Cache issue



Hi I am new to AEM and working on an application which is already build in AEM 6.3. We are experiencing an issue in which when we made a change in parent page and activated it  then its child pages are not refreshed. I don't have any idea how cache works in AEM and how we can clear cache of sub pages or sub compoents. Much appreciate of your reply





No, we are not using any dispatcher. When I go to /tools/deployments/replication. I have seen that only author server are configured against two published servers. I was told that we are using default AEM dispatcher and Cache mechanism. I can't find that where is default dispatcher and how cache works.




Hi There,

Are you working on a MSM site (Multi site management) having blueprints ?

If yes :

It might be the reason, your blueprints are not working correctly , you can check the blueprints and create it from scratch/roll out the newly done changes if there are no local changes on sub pages required by selecting 4 Properties :

  • Standard Roll Out Config
  • Push on Modify
  • Activate on Blueprint activation
  • Deactivate on Blueprint deactivation

If No , perform below steps :

  • You need to connect your support team to clear the akamai cache/cache clear tool.
  • Or clear your browser cache for sub pages
  • search your page using the query string : /content/abc/abc-1.html?wcmmode=disabled?q=1




Dispatcher is in the webserver layer and the level of pages invalidated on an invalidation request is managed via STAT_LEVEL in dispatcher configs.

Dispatcher flush agent in aem instance is for dispatcher configuration. Rest everything is managed in the dispatcher level itself.