AEM 6 -> xtype not working (used to work in 5.6)



Would it be possible for someone to test following assumption? I'm afraid the tutorials, explaining how to create a custom xtype, require an update. 

I followed the 2 tutorials as mentioned below. They used to work with AEM 5.6 but don't work anymore with AEM 6.0 (but don't mention the support of AEM 6.0)

The document is entirely AEM 6.0 specific but doesn't contain the required javascript (causing the problem).  

Please find below 2 images and a short description of the behavior: 

- the CustomWdiget javascript is triggered partially but the constructor is never invoked (is invoked in AEM 5.6) 

- as a consequence, I never see my 2 or 3 fields in the dialog but I only get a (default) textfield

Many thanks in advance, 


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