AEM 6.5 (adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear) cannot be deployed to JBoss EAP 7.1.4



Hi Everyone,


I am deploying the AEM Forms 6.5 on Redhat Linux 7.6 and Jboss EAP 7.1.4.


When I trying to deploy the mandatory .ear on jboss server.

The follow .ear files are able to deploy 

– adobe-livecycle-native-jboss-[OS].ear
– adobe-workspace-client.ear
– adobe-livecycle-cq-author.ear

– adobe-assembler-ivs.ear
– (optional) adobe-output-ivs-jboss.ear


However the the follow .ear cannot be deploy and show errors

– adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear


The following error is copy from the adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear.failed.

AEM6.5 Error LogAEM6.5 Error Log

I am quite new to the AEM so can anyone let me know how to fix this error?


And I am not sure what is the 'EJBObject'? Can anyone let me know what is it? Thank you.


AEM 6.5

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