AEm 6.5 Adaptive Forms and Closed User Groups



I want to force user authentication before they use an adaptive form. 


I can restrict user access through useradmin page, can remove access to anonymous to the folder /content/forms/af/<project name> but how do I force the user to login instead of getting a default 404.


I was reading about CUG, but the options available for "normal" site pages are not available for adaptive forms. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@Eric_Stricker  You can embed a form on the site page and use the CUG approach.

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Answers (4)



I have the following on my publish server

I have disabled anonymous access to my adaptive form. When your users try to access this form they will be forced to a login page. On successful authentication you can forward the users to this AF.

So you need to create a login page that can be authenticated against your leap. on successful authentication, I am adding the users to the formsusers group. Only users belonging to forms-users group will be allowed to access the adaptive form



daptive Form. I have set the