AEM 6.4 (adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear) cannot be deployed to JBoss EAP 7.0.6



Hi All,

adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear.failed logadobe-livecycle-jboss.ear.failed log

We are deploying the AEM6.4 on RHEL with the Jboss 7.0.6.


The package we will deploy:

1) adobe-assembler-ivs.ear

2) adobe-livecycle-cq-author.ear

3) adobe-livecycle-native-jboss-x86_linux.ear

4) adobe-livecycle-output-ivs-jboss.ear

5) adobe-workspace-client.ear

6) adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear


For above .ear we can deploy all EXCEPT the 'adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear'


We open the 'adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear.failed' and found the error message 'org.apache.commons.discovery.discoveryexception: No implementation defined for org.apache.commons.logging.logfactory'.


After we did some research we found that the AEM logging jar file might be conflict with the JBoss jar file. But we have no idea how to fix it.


Please kindly offer your help. Thank you.


AEM 6.4

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Looks like a known issue:

This issue is coming because of the removal of org.slf4j.jcl-over-slf4j module.

 I guess there a patch or a way around this. Maybe JBoss upgrade or AEM forms patch. Kindly reach out to support for final confirmation.


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