AEM 6.3 Adaptive Form on AEM 6.2 Site

venkatreddyguda 26-10-2017

We are trying to see if we can embed AEM 6.3 form on AEM 6.2 classic UI Site. We are having few open questions.

  • Will AEM 6.3 form supported on AEM 6.2 site
  • Can we do remote AEM form call from 6.2 site (if yes do we have any OOTB functionality from Adobe)
  • Do we have any limitations by going this route
  • Will this support all AEM 6.3 features

Thanks in advance

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

venkatreddyguda 21-02-2018


I am working on AEM FORMS 6.3.We are using swagger url for form data model creation.We are able to create form data model successfully but when we try to open we are getting below error

error in fetching data source.

Can you help me in this.