AEM 6.2 Text component anchor issue



We are in the process of upgrading to aem 6.2 and we found an issue with the general Text component.  When saving changes that includes an anchor tag we see the below error in the browser console.

rte.min.js:6622 Uncaught TypeError: k.getConfig is not a function

    at e.handleAnchor (rte.min.js:6622)

    at e.handleSpecificTags (rte.min.js:6728)

    at e.traverse (rte.min.js:6886)

    at e.traverse (rte.min.js:6891)

    at e.traverse (rte.min.js:6891)

    at execute (rte.min.js:6936)

    at e.postprocess (rte.min.js:6946)

    at e.getProcessedHtml (rte.min.js:462)

    at e.finish (rte.min.js:13037)

    at e._saveRequested (rte.min.js:12836)

Answers (1)

Answers (1)



Are you using Text Component in Classic UI or TOuch UI.

Are you seeing this occur in all AEM web pages or only a select few pages?

I have never seen this issue in AEM 6.2 with a Text component.