Adobe CQ - Bulk Create Tags (newbie)

joseph_armstron 15-10-2015

We have a tone of tags to create, and we are hoping we don't have to create one by one.  Is there a way to "bulk upload" tags without using the API?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Sham_HC 15-10-2015

Deponds on your use case. Use groove or curl or etc....  The curl syntax would be [1] replace within anchor accordingly. Example to create a tag Test under default namespace is [2]...

[1]    curl --data ":status=browser&_charset_=utf-8&cmd=createTag&jcr:description=<desc>&jcr:title=<title>&parentTagID=<namespace>&tag=<tagname>" http://<host>:<port>/bin/tagcommand


curl --data ":status=browser&_charset_=utf-8&cmd=createTag&jcr:description=Desc&jcr:title=Title&parentTagID=default:&tag=Test" http://localhost:4502/bin/tagcommand

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