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Hey All,

I am working on AEM workflow where in I am sending a payload for approval from different groups. The first three approvals are compulsory but after it the workflow should check if one of the field in the forms submitted is greater than a particular amount, if yes than only it proceeds to the next approval otherwise it completes the task. How to create such a condition? How to extract a value from the adaptive form submitted for approval?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi mansim,

One solution of your problem could that, you can store your the form data in a pdf/text format in jcr and pass this URL to the inbox of second group.

Second group can see check the value and if it is greater then particular vaule it can pass the request to third group or can complete the task.

Note :  you can customize http://localhost:4502/inbox​ console and add a custom tab. Pass the value of form url to this tab

Hope it's useful !!!

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