Adding attachments to PDF after form is digitaly signed

Dunagh 14-03-2018

Hi all,

I have been tasked with helping develop an XFA form. The PDF needs to be able to have users attach files to the PDF during multiple times in its lifecycle of being digitally signed by different stakeholders. However, once the form is digitally signed for the first time, one can no longer attach files. I assume there is no way around this but I was hoping someone could help confirm this.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Dunagh,

Adding an attachment in a signed pdf would invalidate the signature.A similar discussion happened on the forum last year, you may refer the post using below link :


Mayank Gandhi

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Answers (3)

Dunagh 26-03-2018

Thanks for replying, Jared.

The form is routed manually, via email. We are currently not using the AEM server for workflow and I presently know very little about the product (I'm a C# developer who is working on another feature of the project and was directed to work on the form due to my coding skills). Due to our timeframe, the manual route it the way we need to go.

Jared_Langdon 21-03-2018

Is your form routed to the users by way of a Forms workflow or manually?  If it's the former, then you might be able to use the signature service to verify the signature and then remove it before going on to the next step in the process.