Adaptive Forms translation: Json vs sling:message

JoelLucuik 06-12-2016

Hi all,

When I go through the translation process for an adaptive form to translate to French(fr), I export my Translation Project/Translation Job. It gives me a zip file containing 2 xml files:

1. 16ab9dca-77a4-43c7-b4a6-6219142ef1bb.xml:Json with the french translation

  "fd_Form2Button": "fd_FormButtonInFrench"

2. 320750b6-351d-49f9-b062-c4500c1ff6db.xml: Properties from JCR (I believe this turns into sling:message):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><translationObjectFile fileType="I18NDICTIONARY" sourcePath="/content/forms/af/joelsadaptiveform2/jcr:content/guideContainer/assets/fr.json">
    <property isMultiValue="false" nodePath="/content/forms/af/joelsadaptiveform2/jcr:content/guideContainer/assets/fr.json" propertyName="fd_Form2Button">fd_Form2Button</property>

I have found in my testing that the JSON doesn't need to be changed to get the Button's text to change to french.

What is the purpose of these 2 files? More specifically the JSON?



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Khushwant_Singh 07-12-2016

Hi Joel,

Kindly share the zip file and the process (detailed steps) you followed to obtain the zip. You can attach the zip file to the forum thread.

Khushwant Singh
Adobe Systems